Sunday, May 3, 2009

Maxillaria coccinea in bloom

Maxillaria coccinea - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Maxillaria (Max) contains 650 some species spread throughout the tropical and sub-tropical Americas. They have a single flower. Generally warm to hot growing.

Maxillaria coccinea grows in the West Indies, Colombia and Venezuela. It is cool to hot growing.

This is a plant I have had for 4 years and have still not figured it out. The problem seems to be winter, it is slow getting started in spring, much more than the Maxillaria tenuifolia hanging right next to it.

Winter remains the hardest on my collection. I have yet to figure out the watering and how the plants need to be moved as the seasons change. There are plants that do fine together during the warmer, brighter months that must be separated in the cooler, darker months.

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I have plants for sale on eBay. I will add a few more Monday.
Auction ends Saturday.

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