Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mormolyca ringens repotting

Mormolyca ringens - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Mormolyca (Mlca) contains 6 small species growing in Central America and northern South America.

Mormolyca ringens grows from Mexico down into Central America. It is warm to hot growing and does well in a basket. The plant can flower all spring and summer.

I got this plant seven months ago from the SCOS member sale table. I took this picture a couple of days after getting it. It had a flower open and another spike, and looked as if it bloomed quite a bit, more than once from mature pseudobulbs.

Although it is my practice to repot all plants soon after they arrive, I didn't do this one. I had already started a reduced watering schedule and I put it off. Yesterday I finally took a look at the roots and divided it.

I separated it into two 3-pseudobulb pieces. One piece has a lead and ok roots. The other had some roots on one of the pseudobulb and no lead.

With the warmer weather and increased water I hope that this plant perks up and starts blooming again. In summer the conditions in my greenhouse are quite tropical with the overhead foggers on quite a bit.

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