Monday, May 4, 2009

Stanhopea jenischiana experiment

The genus Stanhopea (Stan) contains 55 species growing from Mexico, through Central America and South America.

Stanhopea jenischiana grows in northern South America on the western slopes of the Andes. Cool to hot growing, needs a dry rest.

I got this plant at the raffle table at San Francisco Orchid Society. It was a seedling and I thought I would experiment. I had just had good success with a mounted Stanhopea embreei and wanted to try mounting a Stanhopea again.

I turned a clay pot upside down in a Cymbidium pot and covered it with sphagnum. I made a mound on the flat spot on top and spread the roots. Then I covered the roots with sphagnum.

This picture was taken about six months after I potted the plant. I found that I had not used enough sphagnum at first and the clay pot was showing through. I added a fresh layer of sphagnum.

There had been one round of new growth at that time. The idea is that the plant would develop roots around the clay pot. When it got to blooming size it would have the flowers going down over the edge of the Cym pot.

That is the plan anyway. Whether it happens remains to be seen. It has continued to grow with a new growth just starting. I am trying to keep it wet enough and that will be less of a problem as temperatures increase and the foggers are on more.

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