Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anacheilium chimborazoense "consumes mount"

Anacheilium chimborazoense - Photo by Richard LindbergEven hard woods break down eventuallyThe genus Anacheilium (Ahl) contains 59 species growing from Mexico through northern South America. These are the cockleshell orchids. They were separated from Encyclia for technical reasons.

Anacheilium chimborazoense grows from Panama to Ecuador and Venezuela. It is cool to warm growing and is fragrant. Since it grows at the top of trees, give it bright light.

I got this 5 years ago and it has caused the mount to break down. The mount was a pretty hard wood but as the roots developed they formed a mat that held moisture next to the wood all the time. Rollover atert!

There is lots of new growth nowThe plant pulled free of the mount with very little root damage because of the rot. Now is the time to divide it with new growth all over.

I have washed and divided the plant and I now have six divisions. They will be mounted on cork in the next day or so. In the meantime, they are in a bowl with a little moist sphagnum to maintain humidity.

This is a plant that everone who loves fragrant orchids should have. The fragrance is wonderful and strong in the warm days of spring.

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