Monday, June 15, 2009

Brassavola nodosa

Brassavola nodosa - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Brassavola (B) contains 18 species which grow in all the tropical lowlands of the New World. They are fragrant, mostly at night with a citris fragrance.

Brassavola nodosa grows just about anywhere in the Brassavola range that is wet and hot. It needs bright light and blooms spring and fall.

The flower picture is not from this plant or from any plant I have owned. I have never done well with Brassavola nodosa or any of the common hybrids I have owned.

The reason for not doing well is that I didn't remember where they grew. I didn't give them enough water or light.

This plant is getting lots of both. I have it very high up where the light can be above 4000 foot candles and there is a fogger nearby.

Mouse over the picture for a closeup.

I know the plant is happy because the roots are re-tipping. The old roots have started actively growing again.

The most common way that orchid roots grow is as the root structure for new growth. Old roots normally don't grow more once they stop growing.

In this case the old roots were healthy and there was a big change in the micro-climate. The whole plant started growing again.

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