Saturday, June 20, 2009

Building more mounts

I ran short of prebuilt mounts this week. Not all sizes, but I went through all the smaller ones and had to start making them as I went.

I like to be able to hold my plant in front of some ready-made mounts and pick one. Taking the time to break the cork and add the wire interferes with the orchid mounting energy.

I took a couple of large pieces of cork and broke them up. I went with how the broke naturally and spread them out roughly grouped by size.

Then, before the air heated up, I sat down at the work area and built a bunch of these mounts. I stuck to the smaller pieces of cork that I has run out of.

The new ones are hung on rabbit wire so that they can be individually seen. All I need to do is bring the plant that I want to mount over and test the plant against a few pieces until I find the right one.

My supply of larger mounts is in a cardboard box, stacked vertically so that I can see them also. If I need an even larger one, I can go to the cork bale and get a BIG piece.


  1. Hi Richard. Where do you get your cork bark from? The places i have seen them online, are a little pricey. Also, how do you mount the hooks on the bark? Thanks.

  2. Yes, cork bark is very expensive by the piece. I bought a bale of it from and I have been working with that. I doubt I will ever have to buy it again.

    As for the wire hooks, I did some entries on that. Click on the 'orchid mounting' label in the left column and go back a couple of pages.

  3. Cork just doesn't seem to work so well for me here in hot and dry SoCal. A while back I read a scientific study that was looking for patterns explaining why orchids select specific trees to grow on. One of the objective tests they used to compare the bark of various trees was to weigh the bark before and after soaking it in a bucket of water. I haven't tried this with cork but even if you weighed it down in water for a couple hours I don't think it would absorb a significant amount of water. My guess is that's why it doesn't work so well for me...compared to all the other mounts that I've tried.