Monday, June 29, 2009

Hard cane Dendrobium hybrids

Dendrobium Haleahi Butterfly 'Perfecto' x Jaquelyn Thomas 'UH800' - Photo by Richard LindbergHard cane Dendrobiums are very popular because of their long-lasting flowers. They are also a great source of rescue orchids.

Lots of people get them instead of cut flowers with no real idea of what the will do with them after the flowers have faded. As a result, quite often they are either not watered at all or over watered.

If you are thinking about learning to revive orchids, one of these is a great choice. They are not at all delicate, and usually simply taking proper care of it will do the trick.

This Dendrobium was a rescue and it is in bloom now. The flowers are great with pastel green and violet. I am going to do more photo sessions until I get much closer to the colors.

•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

Stanhopea tigrina watch: Day six. I should have known that orchids work on their own time table, not ours. Since the flower will only be open for three to five days, I somehow was thinking that the bud would develop faster.

I wish I had this set up on a webcam. That way I could record the whole thing from my desk. But I have lots of time already in this project, so I can't stop now. I have one more day (today) that I can do this before running up against my life's other demands.

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