Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miltassia Shelob 'Webmaster' in bloom

Miltassia Shelob 'Webmaster' - Photo by Richard LindbergMiltassia Shelob 'Webmaster' - Photo by Richard LindbergMiltassia (Mtssa) is an intergeneric cross between Brassia x Miltonia. I have had this plant quite awhile and bought it strictly because of the name 'Webmaster'.

My day job while I had one was computer programmer, which included web maintenance. I still do web design with my own company but am a lousy salesman. Need a little web maintence done? We'll talk later.

It needs repotting now. It has been on a table mount and it has been potted. It did pretty well both ways. I would like to see more flowers on the spike, though.

•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

My guess is that today is the day that the Stanhopea tigrina buds will open. I sure hope so, this has been as tiring as it has been great. And I am getting surprisingly little else done.

I checked this morning and the buds are farther apart than this picture taken yesterday afternoon.

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