Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miltonia Mary Sugiyama 'Itoyo' HCC/AOS

Miltonia Mary Sugiyama 'Itoyo' HCC/AOS - Photo by Richard LindbergMiltonia (Milt) contains 10 species from Brazil and Peru. They grow in bright warm conditions.

This is one of the plants that I am sure benefitted from the higher minimum temperature I have had for the past year. It is one of the 'accidental' Miltonia plants I have acquired. They were not sought, but sort of a "last kid picked for a sports team" at a raffle table.

I had to learn to accept the leaf color. That pale washed-out color is what they are supposed to look like. If the foliage is a beautiful deep green color, then all you will grow is beautiful, deep green foliage.


  1. Good information to know! I bought a miltoniopsis last year and I'm working on trying to get it to bloom again. Same with my zygo! *fingers crossed*

  2. Treat the Zygo like a Cymbidium, lots of light, food and water through the summer and less in the fall and winter. That should do the trick.