Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Bulbophyllum alkmaarense

Bulbophyllum alkmaarense grows in New Guinea on trees and bushes above 4500 feet. It is cool to warm growing. It has a great flower and it sounds like it will do well in my conditions.

It seems that it has been moved to a different genus, Hapalochilus, which is a group of 10 former Bulbophyllum species. Mostly I go with the name used by, but in this case, I think not unless I am trying to impress people with how eclectic my orchid collection is.

I got this plant at the SCOS meeting this week. Dan Newman of Hanging Gardens gave a great talk about Dendrobiums and provided the plants for the "opportunity" table. He has great plants and many that are less commonly available. I have several of his plants.

Dan uses a nice style of wire hooks for his small mounts. They work well for people who hang their mounted plants on a wire mesh and think that the less visible the wire the better.

At first glance this hook looks very different from the style I use, but they are actually just the same. This style is just rotated so that the long wire comes out the front instead of the back and the hooks goes back and down instead of up and back.

I also like the wire he uses. It is pretty thin but holds its shape well, a very important trait in a wire hook. I am going to Home Depot later today and I will look at the smaller wire. I use 12 and 14 gauge wire, but if they have a galvanized 20 gauge, I will get some of that. I am mounting more and more small plants.

UPDATE: I got a spool of 16 gauge, but decided against the 20 gauge.

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