Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Dendrobium chrysocrepis

Dendrobium chrysocrepis - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Dendrobium (Den) contains 1200 species from all parts of Asia and the Pacific. Dendrobium chrysocrepis grows in Myanmar and Thailand at about 4500 feet. It is cool to warm growing and blooms in the spring and summer. The flowers don't last long and it needs lower light levels.

An orchid friend knocked on my door last evening and handed it to me. It wasn't doing well for her and she wondered if I wanted it. Needless to say.......

Miltonia Mary Sugiyama 'Itoyo' HCC/AOS - Photo by Richard LindbergWe went out to the greenhouse which she hadn't seen for awhile and I picked out a nice Miltonia that will suit her better.

The quality of the free orchids available has certainly improved over the years. It used to be out of bloom Phals with no tag that someone "hates to throw away".


  1. A couple years ago, I wasn't a huge fan of milts. But over time, I think I'm developing an orchid crush on them. If only my miltoniopsis will bloom.

  2. As our mutual friend Howard would say, it needs more light. I have mine right there with the Cattleya and Brassia.