Thursday, June 18, 2009

Schomburgkia albopurpurea backbulb opportunity

The genus Schomburgkia contains 12 species of medium to large plants growing in New World tropical areas.

Schomburgkia albopurpurea grows in the Grand Cayman Islands as a hot growing, full sun plant blooming in spring.

The Sonoma greenhouse is running pretty smoothly now. We have worked through insect control and emergency repotting. We have done optional repotting and are now starting to look at plants that are doing less well. We have found a few and have moved them to a better microclimate.

One of Lillian's plants is this Schomburgkia albopurpurea. It has really responded to the improved conditions. There is a mass of new roots and a new growth.

Mouse over the picture to view the back of the mount.

We decided that the plant needed to be re-mounted. I removed the fishing line and saw that the right side of the plant was firmly attached while the left (older part) was not. Instead of tearing up the roots, I broke the cork bark around the area where the roots were attached and fastened that to a new piece of cork bark. I put a pad of sphagnum between the pieces of cork to hold moisture.

The remounted plant will go back to Sonoma in a couple of weeks. I will keep the sorry looking backbulbs and see if they will do anything. They look pretty far gone to me, but they are not brown so it is worth a shot.

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