Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blc Hawaiian Treat x C Pastoral Symphony

Blc Hawaiian Treat x C Pastoral Symphony - Photo by Richard Lindberg

The SCOS meeting was last night and the speaker was Ken Jacobson. Since I am not big on Cymbidiums I thought I would be underwhelmed by his talk on Cymbidium goeringii. I was wrong. You can read about it when the SCOS newsletter comes out later this month, but this species of Cymbidium is very interesting and has been collected for hundreds of year.

While I was at the Orchid Society meeting I bought some more sphagnum. One of the advantages of orchid society membership is being able to get in on group purchase of supplies. Two hundred and fourty liters of sphagnum may sound like a lot, but I have already used more than eighty liters this year and I hate to run out.

There are two reasons to buy sphagnum in larger sizes if you use sphagnum. First, you save money. Second, the larger packages seem to have better quality sphagnum.

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