Friday, July 31, 2009

Cattleya luteola - part 3

The largest division with two new growthsNow that I know what I have I can decide what to do with the divisions.

The first of the three pieces has 4 pseudobulbs, two new growths and some live root. I have mounted it on a 6 x 11 inch piece of cork bark and assigned it the same inventory number as the original plant. It is now my official "collection plant". It will do better mounted and I can place it in a higher light micro-climate mounted.

The other two Cattleya luteola divisionsFor the second division I selected a smaller piece of bark, 4 x 5 inches. The division has 5 pseudobulbs and some root, but only one new growth.

After one of the mounted pieces blooms next year I plan to sell this piece. I want it to fill the mount better than the one I am keeping for the collection.

These are tenative plans based on my expectations, subject to change based mostly on how well the plants do. That means I have to do better in the next year than I did during the first two years I had this plant.

The last piece is 5 pseudobulbs, no roots and no new growth. This is a backbulb division. Even if I eventually decide to mount it, I can't right now. I don't know where the new growth will come and that is important.

New roots come from the base of the new growth. On a mounted piece, it is important that the roots attach firmly to the wood and that happens most easily if they are growing right next to it. Also, the plant is more attractive growing close to the mount.

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