Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cochleanthes amazonica

Cochleanthes amazonica plant - Photo by Richard Lindberg

Cochleanthes amazonica - Photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Cochleanthes (Cnths) contains 10 species spread through tropical America They need a shady and humid environment.

Cochleanthes amazonica grows in the Amazon Basin in shady wet forests. It is fragrant and blooms through a long fall to spring season.

I have said from time to time that my goal is not to grow flowers, it is to raise healthy plants; that flowers are an award the plant bestows for excellent care.

I believe that in regard to any of my plants, but with some I expect it to flower. Not so with this one. I have had it probably five years and this is the first flowering I have had.

I have tried a number of micro-climates and never found the right one. Part of my problem is that I tend to move plant to higher light if they are not blooming, not less. I read what it said in OrchidSpecies.com but didn't really absorb it.

The keywords are "shady" and "wet". The place in the greenhouse it seems to like is a place under the bench. You can see the plant peeking out in the picture.

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The Sonoma County Orchid Society meeting is tonight in Santa Rosa. Our speaker this month will be Ken Jacobson. His talk will be on Cymbidium goeringii.

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