Saturday, July 18, 2009

Maxillaria picta

Maxillaria picta - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMaxillaria picta - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe other half of the trade is this Maxillaria picta. It is a piece of a huge plant I bought this spring. It will be shipped on Monday. USPS Priority mail is very reliable and it should get to its destination on Thursday.

Maxillaria picta grows in Brazil and Argentina. It is a high light cool to warm growing plant, blooming in winter and spring.

The challenge with dividing a plant that size is to end up with the maximum amount of roots. The roots are all intertwined and it takes a great deal of patience.

New growth and new rootsAnother goal in dividing plants is to avoid single-pseudobulb divisions. It is important to the recovery of the plant to have at least three pseudobulbs in a group.

This division has four pseudobulbs but when it was potted it had no roots. And I am pretty sure that it is a backbulb division. I can see that I guessed wrong where the new growth would start.

I gently moved a little of the bark to show the roots. The plant is off to a good start but will need to be re-potted in a year to get the next new growth more to the center of the pot.

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