Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plant maintenence

When I took the Laelia anceps striata type divisions over to Sonoma, I brought back a few plants that needed maintenance.

•  Laelia anceps striata type  - When I potted these two backbulbs last year, I didn't know where the sprout would occur so I simply centered them in the pot. Now that there is a new growth, I am going to move it toward the center by removing some sphagnum on one side and adding to the other to move the new growth to the center.

•  Laelia anceps 'Boulder Valley' HCC/AOS  - With this group of five backbulbs, I guessed better about where the new growth would occur. There are two and there is room for both. The problem is that it has been 3 days since the plant was watered and it is still very wet. It is in a group of about a dozen pots that are drying as expected. I am going to add more sphagnum to make the packing tighter.

•  Maxillaria variabilis  - This plant is very slowly getting weaker. The conditions are obviously not right for it. I am moving it into a lower light and increase the water. It was already very weak last November and it has not improved at all. If this next move doesn't get it started, it will probably not have enough strength for another try.

•  Cymbidium dayanum  - I divided the collection plant into several pieces last year. At the end of the process there were a few very small, rootless single pseudobulb divisions. I potted these together, using a bamboo skewer to keep them upright. There were three pots like that and these two look as if they are growing well. I am going to unpot them and move as many pieces to individual pots as I can, then consolidate the remainder.

•  Cattleya bowringiana coerulea 'Blue Angel' x self  - There are three new growths, all near the edge of the pot. There is not really room for any of them to grow properly and there are certainly plenty of pseudobulbs to make substantial divisions. I am going to make three divisions. I will soak the plant and try to coax it out, but the roots may be stuck to the pot. If so, I will break it rather than damage the roots.

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