Saturday, July 4, 2009

Potting up some backbulbs

Lowara Trinket 'Peach' x Lc Gaudi-Digbyana  - Photo by Richard Lindberg

Last fall we were looking at some of the plants in Sonoma that were ready for division. This Lowara Trinket 'Peach' x Lc Gaudi-Digbyana was one of those.

One interesting thing about orchids is their ability to look good on top and be completely without any live roots. When we took the plant out of the pot that is exactly what we found; not a single live root.

We removed some of the dead roots but opened up the rest and left enough of the root threads so that the plant would stay in the pot. We also divided it into four pieces.

The pieces were put together in a community pot with lava rock as the medium. The whole thing was put aside where the light was lower and it would get the occasional splash of water.

When I peeked at the roots yesterday I found roots and a new growth on three of the pieces so we potted them and put them back in the general greenhouse population. I have never seen the flower on this hybrid but the name makes it sound interesting.

The remaining piece is also showing signs of life but is just getting started, so back it goes to the hospital.

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