Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Schombolaelia Paul Storm in bloom in Sonoma

Schombolaelia Paul Storm  - Photo by Richard Lindberg

Lillian has flowers in bloom right now and more to come. Schombolaelia (Smbl - Laelia x Schromburgkia) Paul Storm is a large cork mount that has responded well to improved conditions. In a year or so we may re-evaluate it to see how we can make it more attractive but for now we will just enjoy the flowers as they open and let new growth develop.

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Stanhopea tigrina watch: Day eight. The buds continue to swell. I had to change the scaling to get both buds in the picture.

The spiking this year is interesting. Some years I have had all the spikes open at once. That is quite a show. This year, there are five spikes altogether all at different stages. I may actually be able to get one in bloom to a show and tell.

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