Monday, July 20, 2009

Sphagnum moss

moist sphagnum moss in a plastic potSphagnum moss is a water plant that floats on the surface of a bog. There are about 300 species of sphagnum. When the plants die and pieces sink to the bottom of the water in the pool, it becomes peatmoss.

One of the characteristics I want in sphagnum moss is long strands. That makes it easier to work with because I am able to hold quite a bit all at once. The type available to me is the New Zealand sphagnum moss, which may be a mix of species but is perfectly fine to work with.

I chanced upon a neat trick for working with sphagnum moss. I had been using a bucket to wet the sphagnum moss but the problem with that method was that the bottom got sopping wet and stayed that way. One day my usual bucket was otherwise occupied and I grabbed a plastic pot. It had drain holes but they were not very large and I had no problem getting the moss moist.

As I used the moss and got toward the bottom I found that the moss was perfectly moist all the way through. As the water had settled it had gone out the drain holes instead of pooling at the bottom.

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