Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anguloa virginalis in bloom

Anguloa virginalis - Flower photo by Richard LindbergAnguloa virginalis - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Anguloa (Ang) contains 10 terrestrial species in northern South America. They need a short dry rest.

Anguloa virginalis grows in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. It is a cool to cold growing fragrant terrestrial found in deeply shaded humid forest.

I like this species from the emotional point of view. There is something very nice about the huge green fans of the leaves and the line of beautiful flowers that is very appealing.

It is also very unsuited to my greenhouse.

I bought it with seven flowers, last year it had three, and this year it had only one flower. It is not doing well.

I have a small, intermediate to hot greenhouse with limited space for anything. This plant has very limited options for placement and I have now tried both. I may have to give up on this species.


  1. Do I need to cut the Leaves of Anguloa virginalis or the dry out on thear own .Plant bloomed last year and the leaves are stil green and nothing is happenning any more.Please advise.Thank you

  2. The leaves will dry on their own if they need to. It is normal if they do, but not a problem if they don't. The flowers come before any new growth so, as with all orchids, just be patient.

    What are your growing conditions for the plant?