Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back in business

Lycaste aromatica - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

Lycaste aromatica - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI got little done yesterday beyond fixing the computer and doing scheduled maintenance at Lillian's greenhouse in Sonoma.

The only work I did on my collection was to divide the three Lycaste aromatica plants. All three had decent roots. I made them into 5 divisions of 2 or 3 pseudobulbs and 4 backbulbs.

I put the divisions in bark and plan to sell 3 of them. Packing them will be fun because the leaves fan out so far but they are flexible and will be fine if I don't bend them too far.

The backbulbs look to be in good shape and ought to sprout. I don't really need more Lycaste aromatica plants but I like to learn about specific species. They are not all alike.

I have a friend who is a Cattleya expert and he tapes a tag to the backbulb and puts it in a pile of backbulbs. Then he ignores it until he sees a sprout. I do the same for Catts except I prop them up in a pot.

For more tropical plants I allow them to get some water, more like a backbulb in the wild would get.

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