Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cattleya labiata ('Angerer' x 'Preyran')

Cattleya labiata ('Angerer' x 'Preyran') - Flower photo by Richard LindbergCattleya labiata ('Angerer' x 'Preyran') - Plant photo by Richard LindbergIn 2005 I went on a buying trip that started at the orchid show in San Diego and continued up the coast with a stop in Santa Barbara to finish filling the car with orchids. One of the orchids I got was this very nice Cattleya labiata.

Cattleya labiata grows in Venezuela and Brazil. It is warm to hot growing, blooms in the fall and needs bright light. They do best in a medium that has good drainage and dry between watering. Give them a sort dryer rest after blooming.

The orchid was mounted on a stick and got moved around the greenhouse. It was too wet most of the time and never went through a whole growing season in the same light. It did not do well and hasn't bloomed recently.

Yesterday I decided that a change was necessary. I removed it from the mount, gave it a spa treatment and tucked it into a nice pot of sphagnum moss for the next couple of growing seasons.

NOTE: I am looking for information about or a picture of the parents of this plant.

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