Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cymbidium dayanum - divisions and backbulbs

Cymbidium dayanum divisions in SonomaI got a large Cymbidium dayanum a couple of years ago. It bloomed and I took a picture but seem to have misplaced the picture.

Cymbidium dayanum grows from India through Southeast Asia to Japan. Pendulant full sun, cold to warm growing. This Cymbidium is an epiphyte blooming in summer and fall. It is fragrant.

As is often the case, a plant left too long cannot be divided without major root damage. I ended up with several divisions of from 4 pseudobulbs down to scrap pieces.

Cymbidium backbulbs have sproutedA couple of the pots looked pretty far gone to me so I took them out of the pot to check. I found that they had sprouted!

They are now back in Sonoma where they will grow for a couple of years. I have selected one of the divisions as the official collection plant and I have been selling off the others, selecting the best one for sale.

The small pieces will have been growing in my greenhouse for three years before they are big enough to sell. In the meantime, I have got enough money from the divisions to pay for the original plant. I have a free collection plant.

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