Wednesday, August 12, 2009

EBay buying

I am a minor player in the orchid selling community. I sell excess mostly, but last year my Laelia anceps were getting unwieldy and I decided to downsize. I have been selling a few divisions as they develop.

Each week I look at the Laelia anceps listings and a couple of weeks ago I saw a Laelia anceps 'Irwins' AM/RHS x self for $30 but it had no flower picture. The seller has a good reputation and looks as if he is a general buyer and seller, not just orchids or plants. I bought it.

This is a bit of a gamble. I didn't fail to notice the 'x self'. Santa Barbara Orchid Estates sells Laelia anceps 'Irwins' AM/RHS starting at $75. This might be a case where someone selfed one of these and got a flask, selling off inferior plants at lower cost. There is a broad range of results possible in selfing.

I divided it taking the two leads off the plant and then making single backbulb pieces of the rest. The result was 9 pots. The leads had decent roots but had not produced a new growth this year so I may not see the flower until fall 2010.

Maybe I got a good deal, maybe not. Only time will tell. Even if I only end up with 4 or 5 lower quality plants and have to sell them off cheap, I will likely be able to get my $30 back. If the seller had a good plant and didn't appreciate it, it could be a real find.

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