Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fear of shipping - Fir Bark

Run strands of paper through the tight spotsAny pot that contains loose media has to be secured for shipping. Even a little bark loose inside the box is not cool.

I start off with strips of shredded paper running across the areas that are too tight to have a strip of tape. Don't wad them up. Lay the strands out individually so that when the are taped down there won't be any gaps big enough for bark to sneak through.

Once that is done I tape the strips down by tearing off a piece of masking tape and fastening that to one side of the pot where it will go across the largest number of paper strips.

Start to cover larger areas of barkI wad up some shredded paper to cover up any areas that will be under the tape and pull the tape tight before fastening it to the opposite side of the pot.

I continue around the pot making sure there is paper over all of the bark. When that is done I trim the strands of paper. This forms a cap on the top of the medium.

What remains is to tape that down so that it is fastened to the pot without gaps. Use more strips of tape to pull it all together. Finally, tape the plant tag to the outside.

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