Friday, August 21, 2009

Laelia anceps backbulbs are sprouting

Laelia anceps ashworthiana - Flower photo by Richard LindbergLaelia anceps ashworthiana - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMy Laelia anceps had grown too large for me to handle so this spring I divided them. Not just into smaller big plants. I took them completely apart.

The leads, mostly two pseudobulbs and a new growth, are doing great and have started sending up spikes. But I also have quite a few (perhaps 50) pots of backbulbs.

I have all of them in tightly packed sphagnum moss. In the wrong growing environment that would be disastrous for Laelias and I have been counseled against doing this.

I believe that I can pull this off because the Sonoma greenhouse is very bright, very warm and all hand watered. I have the pots lined up by the south wall and check them every day. The sphagnum dries pretty quickly and I don't water until the moss is crispy on top.

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