Friday, August 28, 2009

Myrmecophila tibicinis 'H&R' x 'Jean'

Myrmecophila tibicinis 'H&R' x 'Jean' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI look at backbulbs all the time checking for new growth. I have had this Myrmecophila tibicinis backbulb division for only about 6 weeks so I wasn't really expecting any action just yet. I was looking more because regular inspection is an important part of orchid culture.

Myrmecophila tibicinis grows from Mexico through northern South America. It is warm to hot growing, wants full sun and is fragrant. The plant is big and the spike can be as much as 15 feet long.

Getting new growth is always exciting and on this plant especially. When I got it the pseudobulbs looked good but there were no live roots. I had had neither Myrmecophila nor Schomburgkia before and don't know the culture.

Myrmecophila tibicinis roots starting to growThe plant is in an 8-inch basket. The medium is large pieces of cork broken from used mounts. I tied one of the pseudobulbs to a support wire in one corner of the basket, trying to guess which way the plant would grow.

Now that I see that I guessed right I am going to secure it better and wait a month before taking it down again. The roots need the time to grow and attach to the cork and the basket. If they move during this process it sets them back.

The basket is hanging in the brightest spot I can find in the greenhouse. It is getting Vanda level light. I considered putting it outside, and I may do that next year, but the summer has been quite cool with night temperatures right around 50. Normally we have nights close to 60 at this time of year. The way I read the literature on it, the higher temperature is more important that having full sun.

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