Sunday, August 2, 2009

New plant - Podangis dactyloceras

Podangis dactyloceras - Flower photo by Richard LindbergPodangis dactyloceras - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Podangis contains a single species in West Africa. It is related to Aerangis and grows in rain forests.

Podangis dactyloceras grows in West Africa in evergreen rain forests often near rivers. They grow warm to hot, quite bright light and blooms all summer. It needs to dry out between watering.

This species may look a bit like Neofinetia falcata to the untrained eye, but they are different subtribes, not all that close. Cousins maybe.

Both front and back of the fansI had never seen or heard of this species. The name sounds like something a a silly kid would make up for a dinosaur.

The common name is not any better. It is another name made up if you couldn't remember the real one; "The Finger-Like Bent Spur Podangis".

OK, I'm done now.

The plant is going to Sonoma right next to the Laelia anceps. If I am reading the literature correctly, the preferred conditions are very close to the same.

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