Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beautiful Cattleya hybrid

Cattleya bicolor and guttata alba cross - photo by Richard Lindberg

This plant was sick but not desperate last fall. When it finishes blooming we will pot it in bark. Right now it is in lava rock to promote root growth.

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My computer problems are not over. I am trying to get a second computer I have set up to work from. It is amazing how many programs I use to do this blog and the website work.

The computer memory problem seems to have caused some data corruption and I am getting spontaneous restarts. I am testing the hardware now, and if it checks out, I will have to re-install the operating system.


  1. What is wrong with your computer? if you get all that data corruption the hard drive may be physically damaged - have you tried to start up from a backup drive and see if it works ok? i would keep all the data backed up.

    anyway -
    why does lava rock promote rooth growth compared to bark?
    what protocl for watering do you use with lava rock?

    i love that hybrid - are you selling any back bulbs/ divisions?
    i am really interested

  2. Stephano, the orchid and other data is safe. I have gone through a lot of tests and am pretty much down to having to re-install Windows.

    If a backbulb is in an environment where water is available all the time it will be more likely to rot than sprout. I prefer granite or limestone, but lava was at hand when I cleaned up that plant.

    Watering is the occasional splash until it sprouts, then gradually increase.

    It is a rescue and the only piece I have. It will be a couple of years before it can be divided.