Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Epicattleya Nebo 'Orchid Haven'

Epicattleya Nebo 'Orchid Haven' - photo by Richard Lindberg

Have you had the feeling that you were done with a plant? I think I am about there with this one.

It was a raffle prize plant that I got about 4 years ago. It has bloomed for me, so that is not it. It has got taller and taller on the same canes. I can barely set it on the kitchen studio counter because of the height.

Does anybody want it for the $5 shipping cost? (I promise to update when I get a request) It will be unpotted, minimally cleaned up and trimmed to fit in a 14-1nch box. There are some keikis and they will come with it.

My email address is here on the main website. Use a subject that won't be confused with spam, please.

UPDATE: The plant is spoken for and will be off to its new home very soon.

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