Monday, September 21, 2009

Grab bag

The first of my goals in selling any of my orchids is to recover bench space. The second is to make the list of plants look more like what I want in my collection. The third is to pay for my habit hobby.

Today I have all three covered. I am sending off a box of orchids to someone who is an indoor grower and doesn't have any orchids other than what they sell at Big Box. She will get 5 plants for $30, including shipping. I get space, she gets plants, everybody is happy.

Dendrobium kingianum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergDendrobium kingianum grows in eastern Australia. It is fragrant, needs bright light and needs a dry winter rest. This is a keiki I took from my huge specimen plant a couple of years ago which now has several canes. This will go close to the window and it should dry out between watering.

The mystery Miltonia (Pansy orchid) is one that I got in a group from a going out of business sale. I haven't seen the flower, but others of the group have been very nice. It should bloom next spring. Also can be near the window.

Dendrobium Stephen Batchelor - Flower photo by Richard LindbergDendrobium Stephen Batchelor is the cross Dendrobium alexandrae x Dendrobium johnsoniae. Both of these are from Papua and New Guinea blooming in fall and winter. This is the smallest of the three plants that I have. I chose it so I could get 5 plants in a box. The second plant will be donated to the SCOS show and sale.

Anacheilium cochleatum var alba - Flower photo by Richard LindbergAnacheilium cochleatum grows from Florida to the north coast of South America. It is a medium sized epiphyte that requires even water and fertilizer throughout the year. Don't click here, use the link in the blog textThe plant I am sending is not the alba, the flowers will be more green and black. I don't know why I don't have a picture. I guess I assumed that I did, because it blooms often enough and for a long time.

The last plant is Oncidium Lambaba 'Cutey'. I just got one that needed repotting, more in the "give it a good home" category than a rescue. This division has two pseudobulbs and two new growths and should bloom in the spring. I haven't seen this plant's flowers, but I found an image on the internet. It is a nice purple with lots of flowers on the spike.

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No ads come with it, I promise. If you use it let me know. I write the blog to keep focused on my orchids and to remind myself to keep current on my record keeping. Still, I like to know that people are reading it.

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