Monday, September 28, 2009

Mediocalcar versteegii 'Waterfield'

Mediocalcar versteegii 'Waterfield' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe second of the new plants I got at the SCOS barbeque is this cute Mediocalcar versteegii 'Waterfield'. I'm sure I have seen this in bloom at some show and tell or other but the tiny flowers are not a quick click of the camera. I'm not surprised that I don't have a picture.

Mediocalcar (Medi) contains about 20 species from New Guinea. Mediocalcar versteegii grows in Papua and New Guinea above 2500 feet. It is cold to cool growing and blooms in winter.

My plan is to mount it. When I get it out of the pot I will decide if I will divide it, and what size piece of cork to choose. The mount will probably look a little empty for the first couple of years as it grows out.

No roots!UPDATE: I have unpotted the plant and see that I have a rescue on my hands. The top looked fine but there were no roots.

It looks as if the person selling it knew the condition of the plant. The whole thing was wrapped in sphagnum and jammed in the pot.

I separated the two legs of the plant because keeping them together does not increase the chances of recovery and dividing it gives me two chances to grow the plant. I will mount them both and place them in different micro climates. There is new growth starting, so this is the perfect time to give the roots that should be growing shortly a place to attach.


  1. sucks someone would be so sneaky at selling something with no roots. how much did you pay? good luck!

  2. $11. The plant could have been in better condition, it is true, but I am not really complaining. I have both pieces mounted now with one in each greenhouse. I will end up with two of them once I decide on the best placement for them.

    This would have been a problem for a less experienced hobbyist. I am already am wary of this seller, but this one caught my off guard.

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