Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Maxillaria variabilis

Maxillaria variabilis yellow form - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThere are two ways to reclaim bench space; reduce the plant count and reduce the size of the plants. Still, that doesn't mean I can't have new plants. The way to stay "count neutral" is to trade.

Maxillaria variabilis backbulb group with active new growthMaxillaria variabilis grows in Mexico south to Ecuador. It is cool to hot growing and blooms throughout the year. It is a cute little plant, and as the name implies, has different color forms.

When I got an offer to trade a Maxillaria picta for the red form of Maxillaria variabilis I went for it. It was a rhizome with several rootless withered pseudobulbs. But it had new growth starting all along it.

Mounting seemed to be the obvious choice. I wanted all of the new growth to have an equal chance and potting in on its side seemed awkward.

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