Thursday, September 17, 2009

News flash, Dendrobiums are top heavy

Mckenna Isabel Lindberg born September 3rd - Flower photo by Richard Lindberg

Dendrobium Haleahi Butterfly 'Perfecto' x Jaquelyn Thomas 'UH800' - Photo by Richard LindbergWhen Dianne and I got back from visiting my newest grandchild there was a surprise in the greenhouse. A half a dozen hard cane Dendrobiums were tipped over and three more on the ground with broken pots.

Hard cane Dendrobium hybrids, the kind that you see in Big Box, are the puppies of the orchid world, cute in the store. Take them home and feed them and they get taller and taller until they get very tippy. One went over and took the rest with it.


  1. Sorry about the mess in the greenhouse :(

    But compared to a new grandchild and future orchid enthusiast, it doesn't look too bad :)

    Congratulations !!


  2. Thanks, I couldn't help slipping a grandchild picture into the blog. She is a cutie, we all agreed. And we brought her "Baby's first orchid", a Phal of course. You can see the color of it in the right corner of the picture.