Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bifrenaria aureo-fulva

Bifrenaria aureo-fulva - Flower photo by Richard LindbergBifrenaria aureo-fulva - The plant this yearAbout a week ago I noticed a spike coming from a group of plants on the bench. It was from a plant I had won at the opportunity table at the San Francisco Orchid Society last November.

The genus Bifrenaria (Bif) is 30 small epiphytes or often terrestrials from South America. Partial shade and wet humid conditions especially while growing.

Bifrenaria aureo-fulva grows in coastal moutain rain forest from central to southern Brazil. It is warm to hot growing and fragrant, blooming in the summer. It needs a dry winter rest.

Bifrenaria aureo-fulva - The plant last yearThe plant had been added to the inventory and put on the bench in an available space. Normally I would repot right away and from looking at the literature, the spot was really too shady. Still, it bloomed.

The plant is in decline and this year didn't help. The pseudobulbs have been getting smaller since it was repotted last, and the one I grew is also slightly smaller. The leaf is too dark green.

I really shouldn't repot now. This is not because of the flowers, I have no problem cutting off flowers for the long-term health of the plant. But it will be starting a dry winter rest period and it would be better to wait for new growth to start.

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