Monday, October 12, 2009

Epidendrum ruizianum

This Epidendrum ruizianum rescued itselfI have been working in the Sonoma greenhouse almost exactly a year now and it is coming along well. It has gone from a growing scale infestation and over watered plants to a healthy and broad based collection.

In the process of repotting we went for those first which were being stressed but we saw could bounce back. This Epidendrum ruizianum has not had attention until now because it looked dead and we didn't get around to throwing it out.

Epidendrum ruizianum grows in northern South America on rocky slopes in full sun above 3500 feet. It is cool to warm growing, is fragrant and blooms in late spring.

Yesterday I saw this great new growth among the dead canes. This plant had rescued itself!

I unpotted it and found some respectable roots to go with the green on top. I washed it and carefully cut off the dead parts. Then I potted in a pot 4 inches smaller than the original.

Like most rescues, this plant is not recovered yet. Still, it is well on its way and in a couple of years we may see a mass of white flowers hanging off the side of the plant.

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