Monday, October 19, 2009

Kefersteinia tolimensis

Kefersteinia tolimensis - Flower photo by Richard LindbergKefersteinia tolimensis - Plant photo by Richard LindbergOrchids are not "set it and forget it". In a dynamic greenhouse where plants are coming and going, every plant must have its micro-climate re-evaluated from time to time.

Kefersteinia tolimensis grows in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Warm to hot growing, low light, even watering.

I got this from the raffle table at the Napa Valley Orchid Society two years ago. It has grown well for me and has been divided a couple of times. But this summer, although it has bloomed, it has not been particularly vigorous.

I am pretty sure that the problem is light level. Several of my mounted plants have moved into the area above it and are shading it. Even though it is a "low light" plant, that doesn't mean "dark". Light level is the key to growing and blooming all orchids. I will find it another spot.


  1. Is it related to Zygopetalums? I have a similar one with dark purple/brown flower. Maybe Galeopetalum?

  2. Yes, they are in the Zygopetaliinae subtribe.

  3. Stef,

    I saw your comment about the blog being down. Yes, there was a hard disk failure and we spent quite a bit of time on repair. Now that it is going, we bought a replacement and should have better service.