Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Laelia anceps 'Figment' AM/AOS x 'Marble Queen'

Laelia anceps 'Figment' AM/AOS x 'Marble Queen'Laelia anceps 'Figment' AM/AOS x 'Marble Queen' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI have groups of backbulbs growing in various stages of development. There are Coelogyne mooreana that are well developed and mostly gone. There are the Maxillaria picta pots that are sprouted and growing and will be on eBay next spring.

And there are other large groups of small divisions. But the one getting the most attention, the where each one gets picked up and closely inspected are the Laelia anceps.

Laelia anceps grows well and blooms well. It grows in Mexico and Honduras. It is warm to hot growing and needs a dry winter rest and bright light. If it is dry it can winter outside if there is no hard freeze.

This week there were six sprouts. I am especially concerned that these get sprouted soon because the growing season is coming to an end. We are having our first winter storm right now and the temperature in the greenhouse has remained in the low 60s for the last two days.

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