Saturday, November 28, 2009

Balancing my collection

Restrepia sanguinea - Flower photo by Richard LindbergRestrepia sanguinea - Plant photo by Richard LindbergWe are located an easy drive away from the coast and the Napa river gives us a direct connection to the bay. Just about any of the sub-family Pleurothallidinae grow well along the coast, but they are a challenge here.

Restrepia sanguinea grows in Ecuador and Venezuela. It is cold to cool growing.

Two winters ago I lost a lot of roots from other plants in the collection due to over watering but the Pleuros did well. Last year I cut back on the watering and lost many Pleuros. The remaining plants took all summer to recover. If I am going to continue to grow them I need a better plan for this winter.

Pleurothallis palliolata - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI am taking all of them to Sonama for the winter where they can be in the "wet zone" there and my greenhouse can be dryer over the winter. Then in spring I will decide what to do with them. My inclination right now is to sell any that are in good enough condition and just give or throw away the rest.


  1. Richard,

    Welcome back online -- missed your blog !!

    The Restrepia sanguinea is a real beauty. I'm guessing my NC summers would be too hot for them :(


  2. Thanks. It was very frustrating not being able to post.

  3. finally i see all your posts = welcome back. was wondering what happened. looked like a DNS issue.... hope it is all fixed

  4. Pretty much fixed. This is what comes from trying to run my own server. The main problem was that both the server and the computer holding the backup material had problems in the same time frame. I lost the websites and the backup, and that second level backup was much older than it should have been. In addition, I resisted buying a new machine too long.