Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger'

Cattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger - Flower photo by Richard LindbergCattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger - Plant photo by Richard LindbergAn important orchid tool is a pencil sharpener. In most things we use a ballpoint pen when we write something we want to last for awhile. In the world of orchids, we use a pencil.

The tag on this plant had been done in ink and it had faded so much that there were no identifiable words or even letters on it.

It is risky (and probably wrong) to try to identify a Cattleya hybrid in bloom. There are so many that are almost the same. An exception is two plants in the same collection. People seldom buy identical looking plants and this collection is old enough to have made divisions.

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