Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Epigeneium nakaharaei in bloom

Epigeneium nakaharaei - Flower photo by Richard LindbergEpigeneium nakaharaei - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI was in the greenhouse and noticed the Epigeneium nakaharaei in bloom. It is one of my smaller plants and is in a group of other plants that are bigger.

The genus Epigeneium (Epig) contains 35 species in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. They do well mounted and given warm, humid and shady conditions.

Epigeneium nakaharaei grows in Taiwan in the central mountain range. It is cool to warm growing, fragrant and blooms in the fall and winter. It needs bright light.

The mount is about 4 inches long and the flower is about an inch. I got it from the SFOS raffle table about a year ago. I got a great plant that I would never have bought because I didn't know what it was. That is one of that best things about raffle tables. They help me discover new plants for my collection.


  1. Great plant and great pics. My Epigeneium nakaharaei has just stop flowering and I didn't noticed it is fragrant.... : ((

  2. It is not as fragrant as some. I wouldn't get one for the fragrance. Still, a very nice plant.

    I consider fragrance as a bonus.