Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free orchids

Colmanara Wildcat 'Leopard' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergWhat the phrase 'needs repotting' usually meansI got a phone call this morning offering me a couple of free orchids. Colmanara Wildcats amoung others.

I haven't seen the plants but the phrase "needs repotting" was used and that means a very tight rootball with little chance of saving a lot of the roots.

I will do what I can for them, using my fingers as much as possible. Then it will be a minimum of a year, more likely two before they bloom again.


  1. Richard,

    Looks like the Alcra. Sunday Best 'Pink Skirt' I received this summer. I soaked and prodded and soaked and picked roots for hours trying to untangle the root ball. I did not divide them. Was afraid that would be too much stress.


  2. That's always a judgment call. Letting the plant regrow for a season will make it stronger. If there are more than 8 pseudobulbs I'll usually divide.