Monday, November 9, 2009

Pacific Orchid Exposition is Feb 26-28, 2010

This year the schedule is a little different, with the Gala on Friday night instead of Thursday. The show starts Friday morning. There is a "early bird" ticket that gets you in an hour before the official start. That is plenty of time to do serious damage to the credit card.

For the official information and online tickets go to or call 415-665-2468.

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The server where I keep all my pictures and has been down for three weeks. I still have work to do to get it back to full speed so I may not post every day but I will try to.


  1. I noticed that your site was down for a long time and had the fear that you stopped your informative site. Today I saw you're already there. Thanks for your work.

  2. I have my own server and it had a hard disk failure. I am on a tight budget and had to repair rather than replace so I was down longer than I should have been. I am working on a second machine.

    Thank you for noticing.

  3. how large is the hardrive on the server?
    replacing might be cheaper than repairing if it is harware rather than a file system issue.
    you can buy a 1 TB drive for 100 $.
    maybe would be good to set up a Paypal donation button for a hard drive.
    many people could donate 2 / 5 / 10 $ to raise funds for hardware upgrade...
    or you could put some keikis/ backbulbs for sale/cheap as fundraiser.
    it is a system that works in tight moments.
    glad that you are back.
    a backup / raid drive would be great!

  4. I have now bought a new server on plastic. It is a major upgrade from the old one and at a reasonable price. While the drive was the main problem, a server is much more than replacing the drive.

    However, going RAID is a good idea for the next upgrade, hopefully done before I crash again.

    I'll think about the donation button, but I like the idea of a fund-raising sale. In the spring when there is active growth probably.