Friday, November 13, 2009

Slc Circle of Life 'Top Catt' x L anceps 'Feathered Flame' CHM/AOS

Sophrolaeliocattleya Circle of Life 'Top Catt' x Laelia anceps 'Feathered Flame' CHM/AOS - Plant photo by Richard LindbergIn early spring of 2007 I bought a flask of this plant at a show. It was merely a whim brought on by the flower pictures and the show excitement.

It was a remainder from the Fordyce nursery closing. I separated the seedlings and got a pretty good yield considering it was my first try. They did ok through the first summer but I lost a lot of them over the first winter.

2008 was the same story and by this spring I had only one plant left. This winter I knew I had to do something different or I would lose this plant too. I took it to my friend Steve Christoffersen for advice and the result is that he will grow it for me for a few months.

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