Monday, December 28, 2009

Cymbidium dayanum

Last spring I divided a specimen Cymbidium dayanum. Dividing a large plant almost always produces backbulbs.Cymbidium dayanum backbulb in early August - rootless and fragile I took two individual rootless backbulbs and potted them together tied to a bamboo skewer to hold them steady in the pot.

At the beginning of August I checked the divisions. Both of these pseudobulbs had long since lost their leaves and I decided that they were dead. I pulled them out of the pot. I was very surprised to see new growth on both of them. Mouse over the picture on the right.

Cymbidium dayanum as it is right now - still two years from bloomingI repotted them individually as gently as I could. New growths are VERY easy to break off.

I was very lucky. Both of the pots have grown. I have even added this plant to the inventory. It has a long way to go but it has a good chance now.

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