Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dendrobium parishii

Dendrobium parishii - Flower photo by Richard LindbergDendrobium parishii - Plant photo by Richard LindbergPart of the loot from the holiday party was a nice little Dendrobium parishii. This species is one that I have had and I was unable to find the balance between keeping it dry enough to bloom and wet enough to survive.

Dendrobium parishii grows in Southeast Asia. It is cool to warm growing and fragrant. It blooms on old canes in the spring after a dry winter rest period.

I feel as if I am finally getting some clue about the hard cane hybrids available at Big Box. This type of Dendrobium is still a bit of a mystery to me.


  1. what is the clue about the big box hard canes dendrobiums?
    in the parshii do the old roots dry up / die when you keep it dry?

  2. I'm going to do a post about hard canes, so I not say anything right now. As for parishii, my best information is that "dry" means some water and "winter" where they grow is still pretty warm. I am going to keep the light as high as I can and splash it once in awhile.

    We shall see in the spring if that is right.