Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Epidendrum laterale 'Emerald Garden' CBR/AOS

Epidendrum laterale 'Emerald Garden' CBR/AOS - Flower photo by Richard LindbergEpidendrum laterale 'Emerald Garden' CBR/AOS - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI have had this plant for three or four years but I did not add it to the inventory until about a year ago. It had a tag that was hard to read, and I only figured it out by taking an opportunity to talk to the person who gave it to me.

Epidendrum laterale grows in Costa Rica and Panama and into Colombia. It grows very tropical in humid, warm to hot conditions at low elevations. It is fragrant and the flowers are reasonably long lasting.

This plant needs to be on a larger mount. I had to place it as high as that because of the roots at the time. It has grown well and has not climbed much. It will not outgrow the mount for quite awhile. I just am not pleased with the overall visual effect.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I always look forward to my "dail orchid fix" from you - Thank you so much!


  2. Thank you. Happy New Year to you. Now that the holiday season is winding down I expect to get back to posting daily.