Monday, December 14, 2009

Oncidium Twinkle

Oncidium Twinkle - Flower photo by Richard LindbergNot attached to the mount due to over wateringOncidium Twinkle is a plant that has been here since before the greenhouse was built. It has been on that mount a long time. I know because I haven't done the fishing line wrap method for quite some time.

Although there are four spikes this is not a good bloom. It is typical to have a dozen or more spikes. When I got it down I could see what was wrong. The plant was in the area that got the most misting in the summer. The small roots never got much of a chance to dry.

When the flowers are gone I will re-mount the plant and move it somewhere dryer for 2010.

The flowers are small and white and I found them very hard to photograph. I had several sessions spanning two years before I got that picture.


  1. I found your blog by accident and now really enjoy to read it.
    We shopped for Christmas yesterday and got me an Oncidium Twinkle ‘White Shower’, it has several spikes, blooms not quite open yet. It's potted. Should it be mounted? Right now it's in the house, in the summer I keep most orchids outside in a shady area.

  2. No, potted is fine for these fine-rooted oncidiums. As you can see by mousing over the plant picture, it is not doing all that well mounted. I have a personal preference for mounts.

    I have cleaned it up and re-mounted it.

    This hybrid has lots of flowers and the make a good show. I know you will enjoy it.

  3. Hey Richard, I have an Onicidium Tbinkle and wondering how to take care of it to get it to rebloom. It came from the supermarket and was in very wet soil. I thought orchids need dryer soil, i purchased special orchid soil. How often should I water and fertilize? should I mist it? Thanks in advance. Niek

  4. Don't mist. That moisture is gone quickly and generally does more harm than good. Fertilize "weakly, weekly", that is about 1/4 to 1/2 the strength suggested on the package. Do this every time you water.

    Watering weekly is a general guideline. When you water, use lots, getting the whole pot wet, then nothing until you water again. Oncidiums don't want to dry out completely between watering. Use the "pencil test", get a #2 pencil with a fresh sharpening so the wood is clean. Poke it down in the bark a little. It should come out a little damp but not wet.

    Twinkle needs a pretty bright spot. The main reason that plants don't bloom is not enough light. Not direct sun ever, but quite bright. That will make watering easier, too.

    Get the Ortho book, All About Orchids, available on the rack at garden centers or Amazon. That is a great beginner book.

    Enjoy! Oncidium Twinkle will reward you with lots of long-lasting flowers.