Saturday, December 19, 2009

Schomburgkia tibicinis rescue

Schomburgkia tibicinis - Plant photo by Richard LindbergOne of the plants that the rat knocked over was this Schomburgkia tibicinis. Not the pot but the plant in the pot. It was not hard since there were no roots.

The way I read this plant, some time in the spring or summer of last year this plant had been removed from its pot and dead roots trimmed. There was little to hold it in the pot when it was replaced, so a wire had been used to hold it in place.

The plant was put back in a bark mix. The plant has been trying to grow new roots and the last two growths are in pretty good condition. Still, going into the winter with so few roots in a pot of wet bark would have been a challenge for it. It was lucky that the rat tipped it over.

I am going to treat this plant as if it were a total rescue. That is not far from the truth.

This has seven pseudobulbs and it has filled the pot. To my eye there are three divisions here. The newest three pseudobulbs is one. The remaining four can be divided two and two. All three go into rock pieces.

Schomburgkia tibicinis grows from Mexico through northern South America. It is warm to hot growing, wants full sun and is fragrant. The plant is big and the spike can be as much as 15 feet long. The genus name has been changed to Myrmecophila in the naming wars


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  1. Tie it tight on a mount and forget it for a while. They need some time to reestablish and grow roots. The squirrels disturb mine from time to time.Now in winter I give them 1spoon of Epsom salt with a little bit of milk.My milk has besides Calcium also Potassium in it. Helps against Magnesium deficiency due to cold.